Geometric Properties of Non-compact CR Manifolds Zoom

Giuseppe Della Sala

Geometric Properties of Non-compact CR Manifolds

pp. xv-103

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The book deals with some questions related to the boundary problem in complex and in CR geometry. After a brief introduction summarizing the main results on the extension of CR functions, it is shown in chapters 2 and 3 that, employing the classical Harvey-Lawson theorem and under suitable conditions, the boundary problem for non-compact maximally complex real submanifolds of Cn, n≥3 is solvable. In chapter 4, the regularity of Levi flat hypersurfaces Cn (n≥3) with assigned boundaries is studied in the graph case, in relation to the existence theorem proved by Dolbeault, Tomassini and Zaitsev. Finally, in the last two chapters the structure properties of non-compact Levi-flat submanifolds of Cn are discussed; in particular, using the theory of the analytic multifunctions, a Liouville theorem for Levi flat submanifolds of Cn is proved.

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Additional Information

Title Geometric Properties of Non-compact CR Manifolds
Author (display) Giuseppe Della Sala
Editing/translations No
ISBN 978-88-7642-348-2
Publishing year 2010
Subject Matematica e storia della matematica
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