Annali Lettere

Founded in 1873, the Annali della Classe di Lettere e Filosofia is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian journals, and a fulcrum of research activities in the Humanities at the Scuola Normale. Over the years, the Annali has come to be considered an outstanding journal in Italy and Europe, given the breadth of its subjects, its tradition of philological precision and its esteemed collaborators, from Giovanni Gentile, to Delio Cantimori, Norberto Bobbio, Marcello Gigante, Giulio Lepschy and Arnaldo Momigliano.

Under Adriano Prosperi, editor in chief since July 2008, the Annali starts its fifth series, launched by the 2009 volume. The fifth series appears in a fully renovated format, and stresses the importance of the Annali’s multidisciplinary nature. In addition, the Editorial Board, traditionally composed of professors of the Scuola Normale, is supplemented by external members, Italian as well as foreign, assisted by several internationally renowned referees, who guarantee a rigorous evaluation of the articles. From 2012 to 2014 Carmine Ampolo (professor of Greek History) takes over the journal. The current editor in chief is Daniele Menozzi (professor of Contemporary History).

Currently distributed in all Italian and foreign main libraries, universities and cultural institutes, the Annali is a highly respected specialized journal which represents a reference point for scholars and well-educated readers.