Quantum Gases in Quasi-One-Dimensional Arrays Zoom

Mohammad Reza Bakhtiari

Quantum Gases in Quasi-One-Dimensional Arrays

pp. ix-168

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The experimental achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation (1995) and of Fermi degeneracy (1999) in ultra-cold, dilute gases has opened a new field in atomic physics and condensed matter physics. In this thesis, first an overview of theoretical and experimental facts on ultra-cold atomic gases is presented. Then a Green’s function scheme to study coherent transport by fermions through a one-dimensional array of potential wells is described. Within this scheme different geometries for the array like single-period, double-period and Fibonacci-ordered quasi-periodic array are considered. In conclusion, a novel spin-densityfunctional approach is introduced to study the ground-state of a one-dimensional trapped Fermi gases inside one-dimensional optical lattices. This approach enables the author to investigate both repulsive and attractive Fermi gases within a localspin-density approximation. Different phases caused by a spin-dependent trap for repulsive gas and also by a spin-imbalanced population for attractive gas are analyzed.

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Additional Information

Title Quantum Gases in Quasi-One-Dimensional Arrays
Author (display) Mohammad Reza Bakhtiari
Editing/translations No
ISBN 978-88-7642-319-2
Publishing year 2007
Subject Fisica e storia della fisica
Buy link http://www.springer.com/birkhauser/mathematics/scuola+normale+superiore/book/978-88-7642-319-2
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