Sociophonetics, at the crossroads of speech variation, processing and communication Zoom

Sociophonetics, at the crossroads of speech variation, processing and communication

Edited by Silvia Calamai, Chiara Celata and Luca Ciucci © 2012, Edizioni della Normale

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Alessandro Vietti, Language contact and sociophonetic variation. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.20
Alexandra Markó, Judit Bóna, Fundamental frequency patterns: the factors of age and speech type. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.12
Antonella Gaillard-Corvaglia, Empiricism and sociolinguistic cladistics: analysis of a Salentinian idiolects network. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.07
Francesca Biliotti, Silvia Calamai, Linguistic opinions and attitudes in Tuscany: verbal guise experiments on the varieties of Arezzo and Florence. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.01
Hanna Ruch, Affrication of /st/-clusters in Western Andalusian Spanish: variation and change from a sociophonetic point of view. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.16
Hans Georg Piroth, Peter Skupinski, Merging and splitting processes in Mountain Silesian: A comparison to the Standard German vowel system. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.15
Isao Ueda, On the sociophonetic status of emphatic verbs in Shizuoka Japanese. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.19
Katalin Mády, Shortening of long high vowels in Hungarian: a perceptual loss ?. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.11
Maria Chiara Felloni, Daniele Avesani, The global interrogative intonation as a social index in Parma linguistic community. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.05
Nadia Nocchi, Lorenzo Filipponio, Lo vuoi co[z]í o co[s]í? A sociophonetic study on sibilants in the regional Italian of Livorno (Tuscany). DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.14
Nicholas Flynn, A preliminary investigation of the sociophonetics of Nottingham adolescents. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.06
Paolo Bravi, Social and cultural factors in the /dd/ phonetic change in Sardinian. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.02
Rachele Delucchi, Francesco Cangemi, Michele Loporcaro, Sociolinguistic interpretation needs geography (and dialectology): final unstressed vowels in some southern Campanian dialects. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.04
Sandra Jansen, High back vowel fronting in the north-west of England. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.08
Silvia Calamai, Chiara Celata, Towards a sociophonetic explanation of anticipatory and perseverative assimilation in Italian nasal+stop clusters. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.03
Stephan Schmid, Segmental features of Swiss German ethnolects. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.18
Stephanie Lain, Acoustic [voice] correlate variation by dialect: data from Venezuelan Spanish. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.10
Svetlana Kaminskaïa, Language maintenance and tonal variation in French in contact. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.09
Sylvia Moosmüller, The roles of stereotypes, phonetic knowledge, and phonological knowledge in the evaluation of dialect authenticity. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.13
Valentina Russo, Norbert Dittmar, Bernd Pompino-Marschall, The early days of oral language teaching: the diffusion of German in fascist Italy. DOI number 10.2422/7642-434-2.2012.17

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