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Alessandro Cellerino and Michele Sanguanini

Transcriptome Analysis

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Next-generation sequencing technologies have put genome-scale analysis of gene expression into the standard toolbox of experimental biologists. Yet, biological interpretation of high-dimensional data is made difficult by the lack of a common language between experimental and data scientists. The goal of this book is to be an accessible guide for undergraduate and graduate students to the new field of data-driven biology. By combining theory with practical examples of how specific tools were used to obtain novel insights in biology – particularly in the neurosciences – the book intends to teach students how to design, analyse, and extract biological knowledge from transcriptome sequencing experiments.

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Ulteriori informazioni

Titolo Transcriptome Analysis
Autore Alessandro Cellerino and Michele Sanguanini
Editing/translation No
ISBN 978-88-7642-641-4
Anno di pubblicazione 2018
Oggetto No
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