Geometric Partial Differential Equations Zoom

Geometric Partial Differential Equations

edited by Antonin Chambolle, Matteo Novaga and Enrico Valdinoci

pp. xix-169

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This book is the outcome of a conference held at the Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio De Giorgi in September 2012. The aim of the conference was to discuss recent results on nonlinear partial differential equations, and more specifically geometric evolutions and reaction-diffusion equations. Particular attention was paid to self-similar solutions, such as solitons and travelling waves, asymptotic behaviour, formation of singularities and qualitative properties of solutions. These problems arise in many models, in Physics, Biology, Image Processing and Applied Mathematics in general, and have attracted a lot of attention in recent years.

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Ulteriori informazioni

Titolo Geometric Partial Differential Equations
Autore No
Editing/translation edited by Antonin Chambolle, Matteo Novaga and Enrico Valdinoci
ISBN 978-88-7642-472-4
Anno di pubblicazione 2013
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