Probability, Uncertainty and Rationality Zoom

Probability, Uncertainty and Rationality

edited by Hykel Hosni and Franco Montagna

pp. xv-291

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This volume explores, from a mathematical and a philosophical perspective, the virtuous circle connecting logic and rationality. While logic lends its methods, techniques and ideas to the investigation of rationality, the practical problems which arise in modelling rational behaviour, especially in the social sciences, motivate logicians to develop more refined logical formalisms. This is why non classical logics - a unifying theme of this volume - play a fundamental role in the construction of formal models of rationality.

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Ulteriori informazioni

Titolo Probability, Uncertainty and Rationality
Editing/translation edited by Hykel Hosni and Franco Montagna
ISBN 978-88-7642-347-5
Anno di pubblicazione 2010
Oggetto Matematica e storia della matematica
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